Natural ways to increase libido in men

Natural ways to increase libido in men Low libido in men inhibits erectile function leading even to erectile dysfunction. The male hormone, testosterone has a powerful effect on sexual desire because it controls the release of nitric oxide. This substance is very important in obtaining an erection because it allows the relaxation of the muscles of the penis. As a result blood flow increase and this facilitates an erection. Testosterone is one of the male sex hormone, secreted mainly by the testicles. After recent studies of secretion occurs after a circadian cycle (increases or decreases during the day). Although there are differences in terms of individual, it was shown that all individuals have a higher level of testosterone in the morning. So morning workouts are indicated for those who have low testosterone level. Physical activity has been clinically proven to help in this case. Only 30 min a day can improve sexual appetite; regular exercise contribute to better blood flow and also can prevent prostate problems.

Sexual desire is very influenced by lifestyle, fitness and nutrition. Rich fat diets, sedentary lifestyle, smoking and stress are the main factors leading to a decreased sexual desire. Fat meals lead to high cholesterol in the body, which has harmful effects on vessels; blood flow and oxygen supply is low, all taking a toll on the genitals, by decreasing their function. Foods with negative impact on sexual life include butter, pork, bacon, ham and cakes that have a relatively high caloric content. On the other hand, cereals and eggs increase testosterone levels which lead to a high sex drive. Other some foods “miracle” that helps increase sexual desire are: chocolate (contains a substance which causes the release of dopamine in the body) ,garlic (dilates blood vessels and improves circulation), whole grains, honey and leeks (stimulate testosterone production).
Stress is the number one cause for a low libido and erectile dysfunction in healthy men. For those who have a stressful life it is important to begin to address the causes of stress, and to start to reduce it. Sex life of people working over 48 hours per week is seriously affected, and stress management seems to be the ideal solution. So it is recommended that one day a week to give up housework or job work and just relax.


In addition to these methods you can resort to aphrodisiacs. These are not magical substances, but they can make you feel good. They can be foods such as bananas or foods that contain substances that are beneficial. For example, zinc, a substance essential for fertility, is found in large amounts in oysters.

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Erectile dysfunction may affect your self-confidence and your relationship and also cause stress or depression. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction from time to time, there is no need to worry about it. But if impotence is an ongoing problem, go to a doctor for an evaluation, even if it is tough for you.
Erectile dysfunction may be also caused by different health problems such as heart diseases or diabet. In that case, treating your condition may have a good result on your erectile dysfunction and improve your erection.

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