Organic causes of erectile dysfunction

Organic causes of erectile dysfunction A decrease in intensity of sexual desire has been and continues to be a hot issue. Although the terminology varies from year to year and even though the term “impotence” has been replaced with “erectile dysfunction” causes and consequences of this dysfunction remain the same. 10-20% of cases are caused by fatigue, inappropriate situations, distress that lead to a mental block. The most common organic causes of erectile dysfunction are: cardiovascular, endocrine and neurological. The most serious disease of the third millennium that affects sexual capacity is diabetes. If this disorder is not adequately controlled it can affect a lot the sexual life of the patient.

Besides the negative effect on glucose and lipid metabolism, diabetes also affects small vessels in the body (atheromatosis).These lesions are “fat plates” deposited on the blood vessels. They can also appear as a result of smoking and poor diets. After their development heart function and effort capacity is damaged. Also, drugs used to treat cardiovascular disease have a negative effect on the potency and sexual desire (beta-blockers). Diabetes also attacks peripheral nerve fibers; especially sensitive fibers. As a result diabetic patient begins to no longer feel his extremities (hands, feet).He can also experience a lack of sensation in other territories of the body. Approximately two thirds of people with diabetes accused erectile dysfunction.

Endocrine diseases affect erectile function through testosterone concentrations too low. As a result it is manifested a decrease in sexual desire and inability to achieve a proper erection. Also hyper secretion of prolactin (a hormone made by pituitary gland) causes a lower level of testosterone.

Neurological diseases such as stroke, post-traumatic lesions of the spine can disturb the neurovascular link between brain and penis. Also, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease can also cause erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is improved with the help of some inhibitors (sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil).The only problem is that drugs based on these inhibitors cause serious side effects: headache, blurred vision, priapism, low blood pressure. In order to avoid these adverse reactions many patients resort to natural alternatives (Viga plus, Cali plus, Dura male).These pills are mostly made of herbal extracts that improve the blood circulation to the penile tissues. Also determine an increase level of nitric oxide which in turn leads to muscles relaxation. Natural substituent of Viagra has a long history of effective use in traditional medicine, but there are also many urologists that recommend the usage of herbal extracts. Other methods available are intracavernous injection of alprostadil, papaverine or prostaglandin.

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Erectile dysfunction may affect your self-confidence and your relationship and also cause stress or depression. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction from time to time, there is no need to worry about it. But if impotence is an ongoing problem, go to a doctor for an evaluation, even if it is tough for you.
Erectile dysfunction may be also caused by different health problems such as heart diseases or diabet. In that case, treating your condition may have a good result on your erectile dysfunction and improve your erection.

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